Kawarau Bridge is best known by Bungee Jump too, but




I daren't go for Bungy, so i tried the Swing | 我没胆量玩蹦极跳,只好荡“秋千”

  • Travel Date | 绝旅日期:2014 – 10 – 23
  • Country | 国家 :  New Zealand  |  新西兰
  • AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand | www.bungy.co.nz



Look like some kind of punishment equipment | 看起来像残酷的刑具



I'm ready  |全副军装




Some story here | 小插曲 

 at First i was in "Sitting" position. but last minute, I asked on of the coach that which position was the Best & Cool?

 She said: " Up Side Down was the Best".

 I said: " OK! I want an Up side Down please!"

(I thought I was very cool at that time)


 我原本是以“坐着”的姿势,但临时我问了其中一名教练,什么姿势最酷最炫,她说是“Up Side Down!”

 我说,好吧,那我就要Up Side Down的吧!






and THIS pose was the Impression I left for public. I showed "b*tt" to my friend,  don't think it's cool. hehe






That was really an Ugly pose right?

But after viewing the GoPro Video, I realized that, THIS up side down  is Really Really Really the BEST pose.

Because the GoPro would record the valley & river, compared to other Pose(for eg: Sitting Pose & Superman pose),

it only shot your face & the wide sky,(without valley & river)


这个PP 姿势的确丑死了,但是当我回顾视频,我发觉,这个Up side Down真的很炫。因为GoPro录下了山谷&河流。比起其他的姿势(如:坐着姿势 或Superman超人姿势),所录下的只是您的脸以及天空,看不到山谷河流。



Anyway, I DID it  |无论如何,我算是完成了任务。:D







Kawau Bridge | 卡瓦劳桥      |   www.bungy.co.nz




Take a look at my video of Zippy Ride.


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  • lovely girl
  • :D
  • sumit
  • nice pics
  • Someone from Earth
  • Nice try!
  • Rane Chin
  • Wow what a great experience! So cool and so fun
  • Miera Nadhirah
  • this sure looks like a great experience you can brag about... I would love to be able to do it someday but I also wonder if I am brave enough to do it... hahaha
  • Puisan
  • awwwww! This is so nice! I would like to try both activities once in my life! It would be a memorable experience :)
  • Shin May
  • I saw my friend doing bungy at Kawarau Bridge and now i just know i can try Zipline too..Wanna save money do both activities ~ Pin it into my wishlist XD
  • betliewy
  • This look cool . I did my bungy jump in macao tower last year and the scary part is the jumping part. Scream like mad.
  • Eunice Chow
  • Definitely be in my bucket list!
  • Emily Lowe
  • Wow, I'm not sure if I dare to do it. And to do it upside down? That's another challenge!
  • Sharon Lee
  • oh my!!! This is so challenging, I wonder will I get dizzy after this zip ride! On the other side, must try in a life time =D
  • Mable Seah
  • Cool, man! I really like these extreme activities and #YOLO
  • Baz
  • Ahh!! I should have do the zipride! All I did was standing there looking at people bungee jumping...kinda regret now T.T
  • eddyshanrush
  • zipline plus with the awesome scenery means perfect experience you had...
  • Isaac Tan
  • noooo don't punish me ! hehe.. :) extreme sports. I like
  • Ivy Kam
  • Wow, this is so awesome, I want to try it out one day as well :)
  • Amelie Yap
  • Gosh the swing looks fun too! But you should really try bungeeeee!
  • 訪客
  • Looks like great fun
  • Cyndy Chong
  • 终于能够以中文回复留言了,那群组里太多英文博主了,哈哈
    你真的好勇敢啊!敢这样跳下去已经很不错了,什么姿势都没关系吧,在漫长人生里这样冒险一次真是很不错的体验啊!但我还是不敢 ><
  • loving.hate78
  • Wow! That is great! This is another one in my bucket list!
  • wendy pua
  • you are so brave
  • Fadzi Razak
  • This is so cool. And you do have bug courage to enjoy this stuff
  • 訪客
  • Wow! awesome experience right. I wish I have the gut to try that too.


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