Journey Date | 绝旅日期: 2014 - 10 - 26

With this attire, I think I look like an Astronaut!



Boarding time | 登机时刻


I was sitting next to the Exit, meaning I was the 1st Sky Diver on the plane. So, are you ready??

我就坐在门旁边,也就是说此班机的第一位跳伞者。您, 准备好了吗?

12,000 ft Sky Dive | 12,000 尺高空


Arghh~~~ 啊!








Ready for landing | 准备降落







I made it, so can you!



How I feel:

My mind - I was very scared at the moment of "diving". In that very first 3 seconds, I am not sure why my mind popped the vision of my Parents at their young age, they both smiling at me. This is a very strange feeling. It shows that the status of my parents is very important to me.

My Body - It was Spring, I felt the cool and nice wind. When I looked down the land underneath me, I see great number of cute little moving white "cloud", surrounded with Meh Meh sounds. Yup! That "cloud" were Sheeps & Lambs. I see valley & river. I see green grass land. 

My Soul - I put myself Free & Easy, and I gave all my trust to the Diving Coach, I didnt have to worry anything. Relax, Keep Calm & go Sky Dive. 

Over all: Unforgettable experience, I like it very much. Worth Try!









整体 - 我很喜欢的难忘经历,值得一试!








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  • Pamela Yeoh
  • u r brave i don think i will like u
  • Thank sis :)
    You can do it too!

    Yeah猫紫 於 2016/09/09 16:58 回覆

  • Ivia Hui
  • This is on my bucket list! I am saving hard to travel there and do this too!
  • Gambateh sis ~~ can't wait to read your SkyDive post :*

    Yeah猫紫 於 2016/09/09 17:00 回覆

  • vincjacqueline8589
  • Wow, what a great experience! Wish I can try it out one day :D
  • Happy trying :) hehe

    Yeah猫紫 於 2016/09/09 18:59 回覆

  • Sherry Go
  • so fun! makes me wanna go and try too! thanks for info.
  • Hehe should try :)

    Yeah猫紫 於 2016/09/09 19:00 回覆

  • eddyshanrush
  • I willing to try for so long , thx for infomation sharing....
  • wlcm. Happy trying :)

    Yeah猫紫 於 2016/09/10 14:54 回覆

  • travellover23
  • it was a good experience ~this is one of my bucket list to do during travel times. I plan to do this either at NZ or Dubai ~ But for this moment , i have to save money first ..haha
  • Happy trying :) wow Dubai is my dream country, i am also saving hope can visit Dubai one day.

    Yeah猫紫 於 2016/09/10 15:13 回覆

  • Fadzi Razak
  • This is just breathtaking. Dont you feel scare hanging in the air?
  • yes Sis, it is Breathtaking. honestly i scared and felt regret when the door of plane opened for me(i was the 1st to jump in that flight)

    and the moment of "jumping", it scared for 3 sec and shouted once only, the rest few minutes, it feels so relaxing, not scared at all, andyou enjoy the scenery view

    compared to roller coaster, we could scared for few minutes, and shouted like crazy from begin till end..hehe.

    overall, not scared when hanging and "flying" in the air

    Yeah猫紫 於 2016/09/10 15:20 回覆

  • betty
  • What is the feeling when you stand near to the exist door? My heart definitely will beat faster when is my turn to jump.
  • sis, same like you described above, my heart really beat fast , and then i felt Regret to try this game when the Coach and me sat at the edge of door....haha..
    but after dive, no more scary feel :D

    Yeah猫紫 於 2016/09/10 15:23 回覆

  • 訪客
  • One of the best things I've ever done skydiving, what a fantastic experience!
  • Give me Five :)

    Yeah猫紫 於 2016/09/12 12:42 回覆

  • Sharon Lee
  • My friend try once too! OMG I wonder when I can try this sky diving journey >.< Must try bucket list once in our life!!
  • Yeah, you can make it !

    Yeah猫紫 於 2016/09/12 12:43 回覆

  • Isaac Tan
  • oh wow!!! i wish i have the opportunity to experience what you did here.. superb !
  • hehe..I believe you can make it too!

    Yeah猫紫 於 2016/09/12 12:44 回覆

  • Amelie Yap
  • OMG, sky diving looks fun! Always wanted to try all the extreme activities haha
  • Linda
  • You are brave. I don't think I dare to skydive.
  • Melissa
  • What a great feeling! I am not sure if I will try. Very scared.
  • arisa
  • that looks like so much fun! If i wasn't pregnant, i would go for this already
  • Look so fun! May I know how much is the cost?
  • createstudio2008
  • Wow!! Sky diving, look so exciting... I wish I am as brave as you :)
  • sayaiday
  • omg, this is so fun! amazing, one of my wishlist. How much it cost?
  • syafierayamin
  • wow so fun ! I wish I will go for skydiving someday !
  • 訪客
  • Aww... really look so fun. Is in my bucket list for skydiving date ^.^
  • Aliza Sara Mason
  • Looks like fun! you are so daring!


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